Trade Discounts


  • The more that you order the larger the discount. 
  • All you need to do is register your business.  
  • Go to the  "Login" top-right corner of this website's home page and register.
  • Please let us know your tax ID resale # by using it as your "pass word" when you register. (no spaces)
  • We will then forward to you our "Trade" discount codes.
  • Be sure to "Login" to the website when placing an order under your registered name.
  • Have your sales staff register under your business's name but create their own password.
  • This website can be used as your virtual portfolio
  • Save the images (even framed and matted) that you would like show your client.
  • At this point you can print your chosen images on your own quality paper for your own hands on presentation or-
  • Save these images on your computer so you can do a Power Point Presentation for your client
  • Your client may want to sit down with you to build their "wall decor".
  • Your client may want to build their own "wall decor" at their leisure & on their own computer.
  • Be sure & advise your client to "save" the finished products so you'll know exactly what they have chosen.
  • When you actually order under your registered name, you can activate your volumne discount.
  • If you do not see what your client would like, it can be created (please inquire about pricing)
  • If the artwork is created for you for you & your business, it becomes an "exclusive" for only your use.
  • Our Market Trend Editing Dept. can adjust any image to fit your needs (with Artist approval)
  • Orders come out of High Point, NC and can be shipped directly to you or your client.
  • If you do volume ordering, you may consider picking up your large orders straight from the printer/framer.
  • If you have any questions, please call or text Jonnie' Chardonn at 910-471-0418 or just call the landline 910-707-0338





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