The Key to your success!  We take the risk out of Licensing Purchases by doing the Test Marketing for you.

We are a Licensing Agency and a Publishing Company for our Artist, all in one.  We are a "stepping stone" for our artists to become viewed, promoted and "found".  (Not to mention, making income for the artist in the interim)  While the Artists is represented by our company, we continue to look for other avenues for licenses to be sold on their images. 

Every image is available for licensing.  You may find that the image you are interested in, has a license already sold on it, but that doesn't mean that it would compete or interfere with your particular license that you'd like to purchase.

We are on the cutting edge of “Market Trend Editing” which is available to the retail, commercial industry and to other clients who are purchasing a license or just placing an order.


Market Trend Editing means:

1- The colors of the artwork can be changed to match your décor & specifications.
2- A portion of the image can be chosen to become the finished piece of artwork.
3- A single image can be divided into sections which can be displayed separately.
4- A variety of sizes can be printed beyond what you see available.

MONTAGE Fine Arts Publishing & Licensing is excited to be able to offer this interactive tool that allows the finished, ready-to-hang artwork to be viewed prior to purchase. We offer high quality framed or unframed giclees (prints) to our individual customers.

Welcome to our web site.  We think you will find what we do to be unique and extremely creative in it's own way.  Let's say that you are only limited by your imagination. There are over 2000 images to choose from and each has its own selection of sizes and finishes.  You can choose to have the image a different color, a different size, for example; you may like the top right corner, (you can have that).

As you can see, we are "ALL Wholesale" right now,  but the way to get even a bigger discount is to purchase in volume.  If you order adds up to over $750, before tax or shipping, call our "Volume Hot Line" to receive even an additional discount. (910-707-0338 and ask for Jonnie').

Have fun browsing through the images.

Jonnie' Chardonn

President of FTA, Inc.

dba MONTAGE Art Licensing, MONTAGE Art & Design, MONTAGE Fine Art Publishing

Images on this website are copyright protected, all rights reserved. Copying, publishing, or proliferating the images without the permission of Finest Touch of Art, Inc. (DBA MONTAGE art & design and MONTAGE Fine Art Publishing & Licensing) is a violation of applicable laws. Licenses may be purchased for various uses. Please contact us for more information.

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