Artist Discounts and Benefits

Artist Discounts & Benefits

  • All Artist can receive hefty discounts when ordering their own work from the website.  
  • The Artist can qualify to receive volume discounts on printing, framing and matting. 
  • The more you order, the higher the discount.
  • You may ask- How does the Artist's image get on the web site to print from? 
  • Montage has an in house photographer who can take the photograph of your art work for $50.00 a piece. 
  • You will be given a DVD of  your artwork with 2-3 (depending on ratio format) ready to print images of your artwork.
  • You can choose to have this image added right to this website so you can order straight from our framer and printer.
  • If you do volume orders you may want to go straight to the printer in High Point, NC and pick all of your printed & framed artwork.
  • Several Artist can go together on one order and qualify for even a larger discount.  ​
  • There is no obligation or contract, you can have your printable image uploaded by Montage any time and deleted any time.
  • If your image is a very sellable item you may be asked if MONTAGE could show you some variations(MTE).
  • This is done to make the image more marketable or to give the Artist more options, therefore more products to sell.
  •  If the Artist agrees to the Market Trend Editing (MTE), the Artist still receives complete and full recognition.
  • Once the image is listed and showing on the website, you the Artist can now order with your discount codes.
  • You will be advised if your image is marketable and what potential the image has in the commercial marketing arena.
  • We'll even advise you if it's worth your while to have the picture edited (maximum- $45.00) or to have your artwork photographed by MONTAGE.($55.00).
  • Our company does daily Market Analysis so we do know what people want and it DOES all revolve around decorating.
  • Your work can be available for the retail world to order straight from the MONTAGE website.
  • For you to order and receive your discount code list is to register under "Login" on the websitethen-
  • Allow us to upload your perfect image to the MONTAGE website.
  • You then will receive your wholesale discount code list and then you will be able to order.
  • You will receive 12% of every retail sale of your listed and uploaded image.
  • A print out will be sent to you, the Artist, within 30 days of the end of every quarter along with your Royalty check.
  • Your royalties are not calculated on taxes or shipping.
  • You can order for your own art work at wholeale prices and sell your art at retail prices.
  • You can use the website to show your images as your own virtual portfolio.
  • You can show your images framed and matted in various completed fashions.
  • We have became a visual and virtual tool for Interior Decorators, Designers & Artists.  
  • You can print your presentation right from this website or show it from your lap top.
  • Save the framed and matted images and make a Power Point Presentation.
  • Your profit is built in.  
  • Your presentation is built in.
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