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Each mural is individually handcrafted using the highest level of workmanship and materials available. Every tile is manually produced and inspected to insure the highest quality product we are able to manufacturer. We take great pride in creating these beautiful works of art and we feel a sense of satisfaction in telling you that they are "Made in America". Our Process: A fusion imaging process is used to create our murals, which actually imbeds the artwork deep into the pores of the tile. This process is unlike a hand painted tile or a decal that's simply on the surface. The artwork on your mural will not wash or peel off and will continue to be a focal point for many years to come.

Tile Options: We offer a variety of tiles and sizes to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to create a unique kitchen back splash, create the ultimate shower enclosure, or simply decorate your home, we have a tile for you. All of our tile bodies are perfectly suitable for use in a kitchen back splash, in a shower or other interior space. Our glass tiles can be used on the wall and floor! Tile Murals: ALL images can be formatted for tile murals. 4", 6" & 8" square tiles are usually used to create the murals. (Sizes many may slightly vary because of the specific tile size needed to create the mural. It is always taken into consideration as not to compromise the image. We often tailor an image to our customer’s specific needs when it comes to allotted space or specific size. Individual Tiles: All individual tiles are ready for direct installation or we can apply hangers so you can individually display them and move them at your discretion.

Glass Tiles: These glass tiles meet ANSI and ATSM standards for residential and commercial wall and floor applications. The artwork is infused on the underside which protects against wear and abrasion. These tiles are recommended for floors, walls, and counter tops, and have a slightly textured surface. Available sizes: 6" x 6" Available finish:

Slightly textured Ceramic Tiles: Our high quality ceramic tiles have the most detail and vibrancy of our tiles. This is the most common tile that we produce on. Available Sizes: 4.25” x 4.25”, 6” x 6”, 8"x10" Available Finish:

Satin Tumbled Marble Tiles: Our Tumbled Marble is a beautiful natural stone that displays a superb flat matte finish. Great for displaying vintage type images such as Renaissance art or The Old Masters. These tiles have chiseled edges, may show veining and pits, and give the artwork more of a distressed look. Available Sizes: 4” x 4”, 6” x 6” Available Finishes: Matte


Do you create murals in custom sizes? Every mural we create is not mass-produced, but individually handcrafted for each client. We are able to personalize your mural to your specifications, whether it is a small or large. Also, every design we have is available on every tile body we produce on. Can I send you a photograph to use for a mural? At this time that service is not available. How long does it take to produce my mural? We typically ship orders within two weeks from final approval.

How are your murals shipped? We ship our murals via UPS What if I receive a broken tile? We pack our murals extremely well and have very, very few incidents of breakage.

In the event that you do receive a broken tile, simply contact us and we'll replace it promptly at no charge Can you create a mural on my tile? Most likely not because the tiles we use are specifically manufactured for our fusion imaging process.

How do I clean my mural? We recommend our murals be cleaned with non-abrasive, multipurpose cleaners including glass cleaners with a soft cloth. Abrasive or harsh cleaners should be avoided, as they will damage the surface.

What tiles are available to border or frame my mural? There are a multitude of options available to frame our murals. We recommend our customers visit a local tile store or consult with an installer once the mural is received to select an appropriate border or pencil tile to frame the work. Accurate color matching is possible once the mural is onsite.

Where can I install these murals? Our murals can be installed in almost any location. Our murals are perfectly suitable for kitchen back splashes, in showers and spas, floors (using our textured glass tiles), indoor swimming pools, Counter tops, and used as framed artwork. Different tile bodies are more appropriate for specific locations as we have explained in this information.

Can these murals be installed on the floor? We offer a glass tile that meets ANSI and ATSM standards for residential and commercial wall and floor applications. The artwork is infused on the underside of these tiles which protects against wear and abrasion. These tiles are recommended for floors, walls, and swimming pools, and have a non-slip textured surface.

Can your murals be installed outside? Our murals are intended for interior use only.

Do your murals have a warranty?" Each mural we create is made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Satisfaction and Quality are Guaranteed and returns are done on an individual basis.

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