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“MONTAGE art & design”, Jonnie's distinctive gallery, officially

opened to an enthusiastic crowd on November 16, 2007. Dazzled

by a stunning collection of artwork, more than 400 guests

enjoyed a sumptuous evening of  fine art, dancing and dining

-- a fabulous kick-off to this dynamic new venture!


Through MONTAGE, Jonnie' has assembled an impressive stable

of more than 50 artists whose work is highly collectible. 


Having taught at the college level, managing her gallery in Northern

Illinois, and creating and marketing her own artwork through major

publishing houses for nearly 30 years, she brings a high level of

expertise to the Wilmington-Carolina Beach, North Carolina market

place. As a working artist, Jonnie's images have been distributed 

though out the world as open edition prints, limited edition canvas

prints, decals,collectable plates, puzzles, etc. adman more media

all under separate licenses. To date, Jonnie' has over 350 images in 

print and has sold over 7 million prints. Jonnie' travels and has given

may seminars on licensing and  "How to Survive as an Artist." 

Jonnié Chardonn not only is the creator of this company but also

the owner and a full time Art Agent and Artist. She is a versatile

and gifted artist whose professional career spans more than three 



She has earned kudos for her art, including designing a stamp 

for the sesquicentennial of the U.S.Postal Service. This Illinois

born artist has a heritage as rich as the subjects she chooses. 

Proud of her Native American and French ancestry, she has been

highly influenced by the experiences her youth in the country.  

Jonnie'often selects ethnic subjects for her poignant, powerful portraits. 

She has used her art to benefit  numerous organizations, including those that

aide abused African-American and American Indian women and children. “In my

artistic reflections, I hope to portray the warmth and dignity that all women deserve".  

In her first four years as a full time working artist, Jonnié has sold more than 6 million 

paper prints working with three art publishers. A prolific artist,she creates some 30

paintings a year, with over 300 individual paintings in print. Of these paintings, over 

375 individual licensing contracts have been issued.  Jonnié has had many posters

published, and sold through Impact Images, Angel Graphics and American Arts &

Graphics.  She has high-end posters with Angel Graphics and Paloma Editions, and 

lithographs with Cupps of Chicago,Personal Preference/JB Arts and Artistic

Impressions. She has puzzles published with Great American Puzzle Factory, 

Suns Out, and Bits & Pieces.  Islandia International published 19 of her images

on collectible plates. Olympic Enterprise has purchased many licenses for Ceramic

Transfer. Virma-Ma Industries have bought the licensing rights for several De-Cals, 

K.K.J. Graphics have marketed severalheat transfers and Kentucky Mirror Co. has

been selling mirrors of Jonnié's images. Wendover Art and Cape Craftsman-Evergreen 

have published many of her images as prints.

Some of her art work has been chosen to be seen on several television shows and movies

in the past.  In 2007 she opened "Montage Fine Art Publishing and Licensing" 

in North Carolina which is a DBA "The Finest

Touch of Art, INC." which was the original business title.  It is now an Artist and Trade Wholesale printing and framing company. 

This  E-Commerce website carries around 50 Artist as all times with over 2000 images to 

choose from. If you do not see what you like, our design department can change colors, 

edit the image, layer the image, divide one into 2 or 3, etc. This all adds up to the term we

call-, “MARKET TREND EDITING” which is a major force in our company. 

(These changes or additions are ALL done with the Original 

Artist’s approval.  The Artist receives full credit and recognition. 


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