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     ATTENTION ARTISTS;  Please read

    below before you submit any work

    for us to consider.


   If you are interested in being

  represented by MONTAGE

  Publishing and Licensing, 

  please note the following 

  requirements and directions



A.  First and foremost, you MUST

have very large, high resolution

digital images of ALL of the work

that you would like to show us

examples of.  There is no exception

to this policy.


If you do not understand what we are

asking for, we would think that you most

likely do not have these files.  Therefore,

there would be no need to send us any

small .jpg's for viewing. We know your

time is valuable and so is ours. 


B. The digital files that we call

BIG are the following;


    1. 110 to 300 MB which is

approximately-7500 pixels x 5000 pixels

    2. Which is approximately 250 dpi

    3. In the .tif format.


C. If you do have these large

digital files in your possession

and would like us to see the

smaller versions, then please

send the following;


    1. Send a short bio and a

tell us little about your experience

in the art world.

    2. Attach no more than 10 images.

    3. In the approximate size of 900

pixels on the largest side.

    4.The dpi should be no more or

less than 100 (approx. outside

demensions are 8"x10"

    5. In a .jpg format.

    6.This size will be about 2 1/2 MB.

    7. E-mail to-

    8. In the RE: line of your

e-mail- type in;  "I am attaching

small .jpg's because  I have the  

large digital files already" 

    9. Please allow 1-2 weeks for a reply.


Thank you in advance!


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